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Since he started his carrier as a drama artist, writer, boxer and so many extracurricular actives in age between 18 to 28. (10 years). After that he switches over his field as clerical staff at Shalimar groups. Next two years he promoted as a manager because of his working skill. He got married in 1976 with my mother Santha kumari. Same year he joined south coast (hyderbad) as a branch manager. Again he back to Chennai for my mum gave first birth. In 1978 he joined M. VARDHARAJAN & CO again as staff like right from beginning. Next 25 years(1978-2003) my father became general manager for

On June 22, 2011, I lost my father to the complications of a very severe stroke he had last May 2011. I would have liked to have preserved his body (which I believe contained his "soul") for near-future resuscitation, but he was destroyed by the wishes of his next of kin. But in accordance with my belief in Universal Immortalism, I am still not without hope. Although my father was not placed into cryonic suspension, I look forward to his engineered resurrection in the distant future, when humanity will have control over the forces of time and space and the informational resources of the cosmos.

In the meantime, one thing I can do that may help make that possible is to gather together all the information about him I can. This will help keep him alive in my own memory as a permanent reminder of whom he was and why he must be resurrected. The information may also be of some use to others in the distant future to locate and identify him in space and time.

This is a labor of love as well as a practical labor, and something that I enjoy doing although the task is very difficult. He was the best father I can imagine ever having, and the best human being I have known.

The evidence remaining about him is very scattered. There are memories I have of him, growing fuzzier with every passing year. There are my memories of what he told me about himself, and those memories are also growing fuzzier with every passing year.

My father did not keep a journal through most of his life. For a few years he kept a journal for therapy, but it is very sparse, with sometimes enigmatic and sometimes illegible notes. There is bunch paper he wrote and kept; although I have not found it yet among his belongings, I assume I will come across it soon.

Other than that, most of the evidence remaining of him is in official documents and photos. The documents include things like his naval discharge papers, his medical records, his financial records, and his wallet IDs. Many documents that are not in his house may be available in government offices somewhere or in the homes or offices of other private persons. His own house contains thousands of photos that include him, as well as members of his family. His extended family and network of friends probably have even more photos of him including many that are not at his house. I will have to try to track all these down that I can.

There are very few videos of my father, montage of home movies of our family with my father narrating it, on a day when he was obviously in a happy mood.

I would like to keep them along with everything else about my father, of course, even if it does not go into his biography

I do hope that what I make public about my father can give the world a glimpse of the man they would have been lucky to know.

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