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We have pleasure in introducing ourselves, as one of Leading Dealer for “Lifting Tackles and Handling Equipments”,

Specialist in fabricating very peculiar higher capacity Wire Rope Slings, Chain slings and very special kind of Lifting & Handling Equipments as er your Drawings or else as per our design to your special requirements.

We feel here it is appropriate to mention that “Four decade Experience” earned for supplying to many Structural Engineering Establishments, Shipping & Marine Industries, Oil Exploring Projects, Central & State Government Departments/ Undertakings, Cement & Sugar Industries, Chemical & Fertilizer factories, Heavy Engineering/Granite & Various Mining Ores and Projects Etc., The following Materials are readily available from Ex–stocks.

I. Steel Wire Ropes & Slings: In different Sizes and in different capacities for various applications (with Hooks & Rings/with Loops & Steal Thimbles.

II. Polyester Web-slings in Flat & Round Shape: In different Sizes and in different Capacities, and required assemblies with Rings & Hooks.

III. Chains & Slings: Alloy Steel Grade 80 chains in different sizes and different capacities and assembled slings according to your requirement with Ring & Hooks. Also Stud Link Chains & Assemblies for ship mooring purpose and for oil Rigging Operations In Shores and Off Shores.

IV. Lifting Tackles & Equipments: Wire Rope fittings, such as wire Rope Clamps, Wire Rope Sockets, Thimbles. ‘D’ Shackles/ ‘ BOW’ – Shackles, Eye Hooks /Swievel Hooks, Plate Lifting Hooks Forged Turnbuckles, Bottle Screws, Staming Screws, Skid Rollers, Wire Ropes & Manila Rope Pulley Blocks, Chain Pulley Blocks, Pull-Push Trolleys, Electric Hoist & Chain Pulley Blocks, Pull-Push Trolleys, Electric Hoist with Trolleys, Hand/Electrically Operated Winches, Pulling Lifting Machines, Ratchet Pull-Lifts, Wheel barrows, Plat form Trolleys and other various Materials used in Construction Projects and Production Maintenance in Workshops.

V. Ropes: Nylon/ P.P. Ropes, in three & Eight Strands, Manila Ropes,Sisal Ropes, Cotton Ropes, Coir Ropes Etc.,

VI. Pneumatic & Power Tools: Various Kind of Jacks, Drilling & Grinding Machines, Machines for Projects and Workshop maintenance.

VII. Safety Equipments: Gloves, Helmets, Goggles, Workshop Suits, Fire Safety Equipments, Alar Cutting ms Etc.,

Kindly send your “Enquires” for the above mentioned materials. An-Opportunity can prove the value of your money and worth of our materials.

We are always at your Service with thanks,

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